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Australian Skills Assessment

27 April 2016 by News Desk

Skills Assessment is often required as proof of a successful occupation as part of the application process for migration and other visas.

Skills AssessmentSkills Assessment is not always required for a visa application but you may still be required to undertake a Skills Assessment in order to obtain a licence to work in Australia.

Skills Assessment will apply if your trade or occupation is a licensed occupation (if so you will need to submit the Offshore Technical Skills Record “OTSR” to apply for a provision licence).

The occupational skills assessment process is technical and it can be confusing. If it is not completed properly your Skills Assessment application may be rejected which would have adverse consequences for your application for an Australian visa and/or your application for a trades licence.

Australian Skills Assist provides services to prospective migrants to Australia to help them complete the occupation skills assessment process which is required for both immigration and also for licensing purposes. Australian Skills Assist offer services to help guide you through the process for a fee of £250.00.

At present, we offer our services to people who work in Trade Occupations such as Carpenters, Plumbers, Electricians, Plasterers, etc.

For people who do not hold an Australian qualification in their trade and who need to have their skills assessed, they must have at least three years’ experience in their trade on a full time basis (or part time equivalent); and they must have been employed in their trade for at least 12 months in the previous 36 months (or part time equivalent).

The Skills Assessment Process

The Australian Government requires that Skills Assessments are carried out for both:

Visa application purposes
Occupational licence purposes

The requirements that the applicant must follow will vary according to a number of factors, including their country of origin and whether they are applying for a temporary or a permanent visa to Australia.
Applicants who may not require a Skills Assessment for visa purposes may still require a Skills Assessment if they work in a licensed occupation and wish to apply for a licence to work in their occupation in Australia.

There are a number of different Skills Assessment programs and we at ASA will select the appropriate pathway for you based on your circumstances.

The majority of General Skilled Migration visas for Australia require the applicant to obtain evidence in the form of a formal Skills Assessment which verified that their skills are suitable for migration to Australia in a skilled occupation. The applicant’s skills are assessed against the equivalent Australian occupation qualification. A visa will not be granted by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) if you do not successfully complete the Skills Assessment process and then supply them with evidence of this as part of your visa application.

You must supply all available and requested evidence to ensure that your application is decision ready. We advise you to supply as much evidence as possible for your Skills Assessment application.Note that all Skills Assessments are carried out in the English language.

The ASA 3 Step Service

1) TradeSET Self Evaluation. You complete the TradeSET self-assessment evaluation as a preliminary step before you move on to completing the Trailing and Employment Check application form.

2) Training and Employment Check. The required documentary evidence is assembled and once it is in a “decision ready” format, we submit it to the Skills Assessing Authority to determine if it meets the Australian requirements for the occupational qualification in question. This stage is a paper based assessment.

3) Practical Skills Assessment. If you are successful at Stage 2, we will arrange a practical skills assessment. During this, the Skills Assessing Authority conducts either a technical interview or a practical demonstration (should this be required). You will need to be familiar with the Australian Safety Standards (See the “Guide to the Australian Safety Standards” booklet for further details). The Assessing Authority also gathers evidence from third parties such as employers to determine if you meet the required standards for the Australian qualification for your occupation.
Assessment Outcome. You will be informed of the result of the Skills Assessment. If you pass and the assessment is for migration purposes, you will receive a Successful Assessment Outcome Letter for you to submit with your visa application to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship. You will also be issued with an Australian Trade Qualification.

Note – for Licensed Trades, successful applications result in the issue of an Offshore Technical Skills Record (OTSR) instead of an Australian Trade qualification and this OTSR is used as the basis to apply for a provisional trade licence to work in Australia.

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