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Australian migration aged 50+

10 March 2016 by News Desk

Richard and Sandra from the United Kingdom secured a visa to live and work Down Under, despite being aged 58. They've put together a bit of advice.

Australia migration aged 50+Richard and Sandra from the UK were 58 yrs old and over the age limit so they thought they had no hope of moving to Australia.

However, their own experience of Australian migration proves that you should never give up on your dream of a new life Down Under, whatever your age.

“You must be 100% committed. If you get involved half-heartedly you will fail,” says Richard, a qualified electrician.

“We thought it would be easy and straightforward – it wasn’t and we needed expert help.”

They contacted many migration agents only to be told ‘forget it – you’re too old’.

“Because of our age we were sure we’d never qualify. Then we found thinkingaustralia and it has changed our life,” says Sandra. “They walked the extra mile for us. They were the only people who said ‘yes, if you really want Australia we can help you to get there’. And they delivered!”

Richard and Sandra are now living and working in Sydney, having been granted an Employer Sponsored Visa.

“An Employer Sponsored Visa is now one of the most preferred routes to living and working Down Under,” says Darrell Todd, Founder of thinkingaustralia.

“It can take time to arrange and employers are often unaware of the scheme or what is required. This is where the help and guidance of experts is both needed and pays dividends.”

Sandra: “You must be prepared to be flexible and do whatever is necessary. The applicant is rarely in full control of the process so we’d strongly advise people to get professional help.”

Richard: “The process can be complex and daunting. If we’d tried to do it all ourselves we could not have succeeded.”

Sandra: “There are so many different visas, and so many different routes to migration so you need someone to tell you what’s right for you. We could never have achieved our dream of Australia, if it wasn’t for thinkingaustralia.

Richard: “In the time it took to get our visa the migration rules changed three or four times. We could never have sorted all that out on our own, it would have been impossible. Without the help and support of Darrell Todd and thinkingaustralia we would have given up.”

Sandra: “Because we were over the age limit there were many times when we were convinced that we would never get to Australia. But thinkingaustralia kept us going, encouraged us, guided our application through the process – and we succeeded in gaining our visas.”

If you’re over the age of 50 and interested in moving to Australia, find out more in our Skilled Migration section.

Visit our About Australia and Travel sections for more general information on visiting and living Down Under.

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