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700 ‘cyber’ jobs in Melbourne

07 December 2015 by News Desk

ind_computerUp to 700 new jobs will be created at a new cyber security headquarters in Melbourne, Australia.

The new 24-hour facility will be the HQ for Australia’s new National Broadband Network and hundreds of IT security specialists are needed to staff the new facility. Their key job will be to protect the National Broadband Network from cyber attack.

Over the next two years 300 jobs will be created in construction and maintenance of the facility along with 400 technical jobs.

Meanwhile around 4,500 workers are being recruited and trained to make sure the Network is completed by 2020.

The jobs are being spread around the country, with 1,300 jobs in New South Wales, 900 in Western Australia, 900 in Queensland, 800 in Victoria, 400 in South Australia and 200 in Tasmania.

“The National Broadband Network is a critical asset for Australia. This new centre will be the first line of defence and make sure that we understand what’s traversing the network at all times,” said NBN’s chief information officer John McInerney.

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