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Think emigration Canberra

29 May 2016 by News Desk

If you're thinking about emigration Canberra is the hidden gem in Australia’s crown offering higher wages, more job opportunities and a healthier lifestyle.

emigration CanberraEmigration Canberra could be your dream ticket to the future. Canberra is equal to any major city in the world, says Darrell Todd, founder of thinkingaustralia. “It is a vibrant city offering a wealth of opportunities for migrants”.

“When people think of Australia they first think of Sydney, Perth or Melbourne but we believe Canberra is a more attractive destination for migrants, says Simon Kinsmore, head of marketing at the ACT Government in Canberra.

“For migrants with the right skills, we have many more competitive advantages over other states. If you’re in a knowledge-based industry such as IT, ICT, finance healthcare or R&D, you will earn more than anywhere else in Australia.

“If you’re a trades-person you will earn more – we have billions of dollars of building investment and office space that demands extra workers. Residential construction expansion also requires many more extra migrant workers with trade skills. There are many opportunities for workers across the whole spectrum”, says Kinsmore.

Why Emigration Canberra ?

With a population of 340,000, Canberra is a vibrant modern city that is expanding fast, offering all the facilities and opportunities you’d expect of a 21st Century global capital and seat of Government.

“We’re just 2hrs from Sydney, 90mins from the beach and 2hrs from snowfields, skiing and mountain peaks, so you can enjoy a fantastic lifestyle, earn a lot more and your kids will be safer and healthier”.

With the lowest crime rate in Australia, Canberra has more restaurants and golf courses than any other state.

“We also have more public open space than any other state,” says Kinsmore. “75% of the Capital Territory is open space. “If you’re thinking or working or migrating to Australia, you couldn’t find a better place than Canberra”.

You can’t just arrive at the airport expecting to walk into a job in Canberra. To guarantee success you must work with specialists and go through the formal working visa and/or migration process, or you’ll be disappointed. Experts like thinkingaustralia and its registered agents can direct skilled migrants to available jobs before leaving UK

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