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Move to Australia: Perth’s Olympic pedigree

06 August 2016 by News Desk

Move to Australia and enjoy a healthy outdoor lifestyle – move to Perth and you could be an Olympian.

move to AustraliaMove to Australia to indulge your athletic ambitions in a country that is obsessed with sport and healthy living.

Perth has produced the highest number of Olympians relative to population than any other city in Australia.

And it’s the city’s weather and big back yards that are party responsible.

Perth’s western suburbs of Cambridge, Claremont and Nedlands have produced more successful Olympians athletes than anywhere else in Australia.

Of Australia’s 421-strong Olympic squad 37 athletes are West Australians. And of all Australian athletes competing at the Rio Olympics, a west Australian is more likely to win in their chosen field.

Move to Australia: Perth’s Olympic pedigree

Kristy O’Neill at the University of Sydney examined 2,160 Australian athletes that took part in Olympic Games between 1984 and 2012.

Three Perth suburbs emerged as a centre for producing the highest number of Olympians relative to population.

Claremont, Cambridge and Nedlands produced 34 Olympians in eight different disciplines including Eamon Sullivan, Ric Charlesworth, Sally Carbon and Elise Rechichi. West Australia’s three-time Olympian Eamon Sullivan hails from this area.

At the 2008 Beijing Olympics, WA athletes won 24 per cent of Australia’s medals. Medal total was 23 per cent in Seoul in 1988.

Perth has grown to become a natural sporting environment due to its world-class outdoor facilities, better competition, favourable weather and big back yards.

“The climate is more Mediterranean, the community has access to lots of built and natural facilities such as beaches, parks and open spaces as well as access to larger backyards”, Ms O’Neill said.

The Perth lifestyle encourages people to engage with sports from an early age and it produces a physically active population.

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