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Emigrate to Australia for happiness and success

23 October 2016 by News Desk

Emigrate to Australia where being happy is enough to prove that you have achieved success.

emigrate to AustraliaEmigrate to Australia where 57 per cent of people measure success on how happy they are.

Next most important thing is having strong family relationships according to 40 per cent of Aussies.

Feeling fit and healthy is important to 38 per cent of people.

Being a good person the most important thing for 37 per cent of Aussies surveyed.

In a survey by National Australia Bank, 2000 Australians were quizzed on their measures of success.

It shows that Aussies are no longer driven solely by money.

The research reveals that Australians have changed their view on what success means.

Emigrate to Australia for happiness and success

“Money is important but in the past money may have been seen as something to accumulate in order achieve status,” said Andrew Hagger, National Australia Bank’s consumer and wealth chief customer officer.

“I know many customers who are both rich and poor who say what’s important to them is being happy.’’

The whitepaper showed while money and assets don’t define success for Aussies, it is important in being able to achieve goals.

About one in two people want to build up their savings and 43 per cent want to earn more money.

About 32 per cent want to buy a house.

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