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Emigrate to Australia: Adelaide 10G internet

15 October 2016 by News Desk

Emigrate to Australia where Adelaide’s Ten Gigabit Optical Fibre network will cover the CBD and North Adelaide.

Emigrate to AustraliaEmigrate to Australia where City of Adelaide council has vowed to deliver higher speed internet services to the city along with a range of other vital IT-based facilities.

The new network would complement the current NBN roll out and State Government’s Gig City project, that both will deliver higher speed internet services to the city.

The network will connect with a new global fibre network and cloud based data centres where speed and big data transfer is not inhibited by the current internet congestion.

This will connect local businesses, institutions, governments and researchers to each other – opening up new and exciting innovations and opportunities.

As part of the City of Adelaide 2016 – 2020 Strategic Plan, Adelaide is committed to being a smart city. A fibre optic network is precisely the type of technology that a smart city needs to harness.

Lord Mayor Martin Haese said this fibre optic network is essential infrastructure for investment attraction that could transform the competitiveness of the city.

“It has the potential to make Adelaide the centre of the universe. This can be the solution for attracting head offices to Adelaide, creating jobs, driving creativity, innovation, investment and so much more,” said Martin.

“We’re dedicated to having the fastest, most reliable data transfer in the nation. We’re confident from overseas experience that this infrastructure will attract new businesses, in new growth industries, as well as support the growth of existing businesses in the city.

“This could put Adelaide firmly on the radar as a destination of choice for large, digital-reliant businesses such as those within the health, creative, finance and defence sectors.”

Emigrate to Australia: Adelaide Smart City

A smart city uses technology to transform its infrastructure and make better use of energy, resources and services.

Adelaide is well on the way to becoming a Smart City and will use technology to embrace a better connected, more sustainable future.

Smart Environmental Monitor – sensors will monitor a range of environmental factors such as CO2, dust, sound and temperature. This data can then be used to create innovative solutions to improve the experience of the city.

Smart Parking – will provide city drivers with the ability to locate, pay and top up an on-street car park space via a mobile app on their smart phone or device. The technology will also aim to support parking and information officers to improve the management of on-street parking spaces by monitoring usage.

Smart Lighting – will enable energy consumption to be measured on a light by light basis as well as trial and test different lighting controls such as dimming the lights and the use of motion detectors.

Smart lighting will also ensure a safe environment for the public through Real-time monitoring of street lights with automated fault detection alerts and programmable remote controls.

It will manage the brightness of the street lights, and can automatically adjust based on periods of inactivity.

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