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Brisbane parking costs most

09 August 2016 by News Desk

Brisbane parking costs are higher than any other Australian city including Sydney and Melbourne.

Brisbane parkingBrisbane parking costs an average of $28.08 for one hour in an off-street city parking spot. Inner-city parking is more expensive than Sydney at $27.94 per hour or Melbourne at $19.40 per hour.

Off-street car parking in Brisbane city centre is operated by national companies Secure Parking or Wilson.

Brisbane also has two cheaper council-operated car parks in the city.

“Since 2011 many of Brisbane’s parking rate increases have been above inflation, suggesting that parking operators are still in a comfortable oligopoly position and are able to extract maximum prices from motorists”, a recent official report said.

The most expensive daily parking rate in Brisbane is $89, a rate that is found at four inner city car parks.

Brisbane parking costs most

Brisbane parking costs have quadrupled in the past five years with long queues now to be found at the cheaper council-run King George Square or Wickham Terrace car parks.

Brisbane City Council has introduced strict new planning laws that have added to public parking in the city. Parking spaces at new inner city offices are fixed at one space for every 200m sq. of floor area.

A new online and mobile phone app is helping drivers to only pay for the time their vehicles are parked rather than in hour-long blocks

Drivers can register their vehicle and credit card and start and stop their parking session with an app, online or over the phone via mobile parking company CellOPark.

Brisbane City Council has done much to improve parking in the city including introducing dynamic pricing to on-street parking, special offers in council parks and using parking spaces more effectively.

Motorists are advised to plan their journeys well and look for car parks with cheaper rates, online for parking discounts and pre-booking deals.

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