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Australia’s highest earners

30 April 2015 by News Desk

australian-money001Surgeons, medical specialists and financiers are the highest-paid professionals in Australia, according to latest Taxation Statistics.

The top 10 highest earning professions in Australia include 3,570 surgeons with average income of $361,202. The next highest earning professions are 3,015 anaesthetists with average income of $319,033.

Of Australia’s highest earners, over 7,500 medical specialists have income of $263,601; 5,090 financial dealers have average income of $219,213 and 2,645 judicial and other legal professionals have an income of $192,189.

The remaining top 10 include psychiatrists, mining engineers, other medical practitioners, chief executives and managing directors and general medical practitioners. The information is based on the returns of 12.77 million taxpayers in Australia.

Darrell Todd, CEO of thinkingaustralia, says: “Skilled professionals remain in high demand in Australia and, as latest figures show, they command the highest salaries. If you are a professional with in-demand skills and seek to live and work in Australia, contact us today. We can help you to live the dream”.

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