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Australian tourism most secure

29 July 2016 by News Desk

Australian tourism is regarded as the most secure of any country according to the latest survey of visitors Down Under.

Australian tourismAustralian tourism chiefs have welcomed the survey that names Australia as a ‘safe haven’ in an uncertain world.

“Australia has a host of world-class tourist and visitor attractions but its safety and security that concerns travellers the most,” says Darrell Todd, founder of thinkingaustralia. “And Australia delivers both to the obvious delight and relief of visitors Down Under”.

A survey by Tourism Australia found that Australia is ranked number one in the world as a safe and secure destination.

Over half of overseas visitors polled said safety and security was more important than value for money and natural beauty.

“Australia wins on all counts!” says Darrell Todd.

Australian tourism most secure

“Visitors can feel absolutely safe in Australia and can continue to do so,” said Steve Ciobo, Federal Trade and Tourism Minister.

“Australia has some of the best and comprehensive approaches to dealing with the threat of terrorism. But it requires a dedicated focus from people in intelligence, border protection and policing”.

Recent terror attacks in France, Germany and the US have led to growing concerns among travellers and tourists as terror groups target well-known tourist resorts.

But Australia, traditionally known as the ‘Lucky Country’ continues to be seen as the world’s most safe and secure holiday and visitor destination.

The Australian tourism industry includes around 273,500 businesses, a figure that represents over 13 per cent of all the country’s businesses.

In the past four years the Australian tourism industry has generated a 17.8 per cent increase in GDP with revenues totalling $47.5 billion.

“It’s an exciting time for the Australian tourism industry,” said Mr Ciobo.

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