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Australia skilled job vacancies

15 June 2016 by News Desk

Over the next four years 376,300 Professionals and 159,800 Technicians and Trades Workers will be needed in order to meet Government forecasts.

Australia skilled job vacanciesIf you are seeking work in Australia skilled job vacancies can be found in six Professions and 21 Trades (listed below) where workers are in highest demand.

Advertised vacancies for Professionals and Technicians and Trades Workers, are, respectively, 15.7% and 3.3% higher than a year ago.

Jobs growth has been strong for Professionals, running at twice the national average every year for the past decade.

The employment outlook for Professionals is very encouraging as future jobs growth is forecast to be strong. Up by 14.2% or 376,300 over the five years to November 2019 (compared with 10.0% across all occupations).

Demand for Technicians and Trades Workers has increased greatly over the past 12 months. Construction Trades face skills shortages, particularly in New South Wales.

Employment outlook for Technicians and Trades Workers is encouraging. Government figures show jobs growth of 9.3% or 159,800 new workers over the next four years, with expected 10.0% rise across all occupations.

Some Trades have suffered a skills shortage for most of the past decade.
Technician and Trade Worker vacancies are hard to fill and employers also have difficulty recruiting Trade apprentices.

Skilled job vacancies will exist Down Under for many years to come. The Department of Employment forecasts that, over the medium to long term, skills shortages will remain in a number of Trades labour markets.

Across the country around 30% of vacancies remain unfilled while 6% of employers fail to receive any applicants for vacant positions.

Australia skilled job vacancies – Professions in High Demand

Quantity surveyor

Australia skilled job vacancies – Technicians & Trades in High Demand

Air conditioning and refrigeration mechanic
Automotive electrician
Butcher or smallgoods maker
Fibrous plasterer
Metal machinist (first class)
Motor mechanics
Painting trades worker
Roof tiler
Sheetmetal trades worker
Solid plasterer
Vehicle painter
Wall and floor tiler

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