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Emigrating to Australia where admissions to hospital for elective surgery are increasing every year.

Emigrating to Australia: hospital waiting times

01 December 2016 In: Migration

Emigrating to Australia: a new report by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare shows that after adjusting for the number of hospitals included, admissions from public hospital elective surgery waiting lists increased by about 1.7% on average each year between 2011–12 and 2015–16. Amid rising admissions, waiting times remained relatively stable over the same period. Jenny Hargreaves spokesperson of the AIHW says: “In 2015–16, the average waiting time (the time within which 50% of…

Moving to Australia: Adelaide house prices

01 December 2016 In: Property

Moving to Australia: Adelaide house prices increased by 2.5 during November, more than double the growth seen in Sydney (1.2 per cent) and Melbourne (1.1 per cent). Adelaide also had the greatest weekly house price growth with an increase of almost one per cent. Home prices have increased by 5.7 per cent this calendar year and are up 3.6 per cent on the same time last year. The average price of a house is $430,000…

Australian Dollar suffers weak demand

01 December 2016 In: Finance

Australian Dollar demand has been damaged this week by continued weakness in iron ore prices, Australia’s most lucrative commodity, according to currency specialists TorFX After prices of the commodity peaked at US$80 per tonne earlier in the week, iron ore was sold from its highs in profit taking – as was the Australian Dollar. GBP/AUD has been able to benefit from this, and the Australian Dollar has failed to capitalise on the market’s oil bullishness…

Australian Dollar weighed down by risk

30 November 2016 In: Finance

Australian Dollar was weighed down by ore prices after reaching above US$80 a tonne earlier in the week, prices of the commodity plunged as a result of profit-taking, according to currency specialists TorFX GBP AUD struggled to hold its best levels however. Wednesday’s Australian private sector credit results fell less than expected, from 5.4% to 5.3%, which may have supported the Australian Dollar slightly. New Zealand Dollar (NZD) – The Pound to New Zealand Dollar…

Moving to Australia: Hobart bans plastic containers

29 November 2016 In: Hobart

Moving to Australia: the city council in Hobart has launched a plan to phase-out and ban traditional takeaway containers. The ban would bring to an end the use of single-use plastic containers at restaurants, takeaways and delicatessens. In future retailers will only be able to provide containers made of compostable or recycled materials that break down in the environment. Hobart City Council has voted unanimously in favour of the phase-out that aims to reduce the…

Australian Dollar benefits from OPEC plan

29 November 2016 In: Finance

Australian Dollar was also boosted by hawkish iron ore forecasts. Some forecasters projected that iron ore was on track to break the key level of US$80 per tonne for the first time in over two years, according to currency specialists TorFX However, after the commodity broke this level during Tuesday’s Asian session, futures suddenly reversed. Investors sold both the iron ore commodity as well as the Australian Dollar on profit taking stances. New Zealand Dollar…

Emigrate to Australia: work at Australia Post

29 November 2016 In: Jobs

Emigrate to Australia where Australia Post is building a 21st Century business in order to keep pace with latest technologies. Job vacancies across the company include: Parcels – Together, through the parcels business and a partnership with StarTrack A.P offer an unrivalled suite of eCommerce-driven payment, logistics, supply chain and parcel delivery solutions. Around 75% of the parcels delivered today are generated by an online order. And the parcels business is focussed on creating solutions…

Australian Dollar boosted by US dollar

28 November 2016 In: Finance

Australian Dollar was able to advance thanks to weakness in the US Dollar amid the Thanksgiving holiday as well as a surge in iron ore prices, according to currency specialists TorFX Australian Dollar was also boosted towards the end of the week by an unexpected improvement in Japanese inflation. Japan’s October Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose from -0.5% to 0.1% which increased hopes of economic strength in Asian markets. New Zealand Dollar (NZD) – The Pound…

Emigrate to Australia: first white woman Down Under

27 November 2016 In: Migration

Emigrate to Australia: where Miss Jane Page, born in Stokesly, North Yorkshire, was the first white woman to settle permanently in Victoria. In 1832, aged 16, Jane Page left Stokesly in North Yorkshire UK and emigrated to Freemantle with her family. Her father was a sea captain with the East India Company who reported that he was ‘much pleased’ with the colony in Victoria. In 1836 Jane arranged to marry Stephen Henty to whom her…

Moving to Australia for popular garden birds

26 November 2016 In: Migration

Moving to Australia you’ll find colourful and noisy Miner Birds came second as the country’s most-recognised bird. Black and white Magpies are the third most frequently-noticed species of garden bird. The Rainbow Lorikeet has spectacular colourful plumage – likened to a Hawaiian shirt. Almost 1.4 million birds were counted in this year’s census, according to BirdLife Australia, a 40 per cent increase compared to the previous year. Moving to Australia: Aussies’ top garden birds The…

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