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Australian universities - Student satisfaction is at record high levels, according to a new survey of universities across the country.

Australian universities score top marks

07 April 2016 In: Study

Australian universities continue to deliver education and life experience at a five-year high, according to the 2015 Student Experience Survey National Report. Eighty per cent of students at Australian universities expressed satisfaction with the quality of the education they are receiving. The survey shows the level of student satisfaction at Australian universities has remained high over the past five years with yearly figures never dropping below 79 per cent. Students have scored Australian universities highly on…

Australia Working Holiday tax U-Turn

06 April 2016 In: Travel, Jobs

Australia Working Holiday visa-holders are vital in two of the country’s most important growth industries – agriculture and tourism. Now Ministers have told the government to ‘think again’. Australia Working Holiday visa-holders look likely to get a reprieve from the new tax. Government Minister Richard Colbeck says: “Concerns have been raised about the impact of the (new) tax arrangements for Working Holiday Makers, particularly our global competitiveness as a backpacker destination. “We have therefore decided…

Australia’s new Vegemite Way

05 April 2016 In: Melbourne

Vegemite Way was described by Melbourne lord mayor Robert Doyle as a “fitting” toast to the country’s much loved spread. “We feel proud to have gifted the local community with Vegemite Way, a permanent marker that signifies the importance of the brand not only locally but nationally,” he told reporters. The Vegemite story goes back 93 years. In 1922 the Fred Walker Company, later to become Kraft Food Company, hired a young Australian chemist, Cyril…

Australian driving rules

04 April 2016 In: Travel

Road-users in Perth and across W.A. will soon follow the same Australian driving rules as most other states. The changes to Australian driving rules involve the practice of ‘merging’ into oncoming traffic when entering a freeway. New road-markings – continuity merge lines – between freeway on-ramps and traffic lanes mean that entering vehicles must now give way to freeway traffic. Previously, the car in front had right of way and drivers were expected to merge…

Sydney population breaks records

03 April 2016 In: Sydney

Sydney is growing by 1,600 people each week. If growth continues at current rate the city’s population will reach 5 million during 2016. Sydney remains an engine-room of the Australian economy and its’ growth reflects this. Most of the city’s growth has occurred in the outer suburbs and around the city centre. Waterloo – Beaconsfield in the inner-city had the largest growth of all areas in the state, increasing by 3,100 people. Cobbitty – Leppington…

Best city for Australian humour

03 April 2016 In: Travel

Australian humour is important down under because it is a key to attraction. For women, a good sense of humour is considered a vital characteristic in a male partner. So, where is the best city to find Australian humour and where are the country’s funniest men and women? Folks in Sydney were found most likely to have the best sense of humour. Melbourne came in second place, followed by Queensland’s Gold Coast and then Perth in…

Australia’s top TV show

02 April 2016 In: Migration

My Kitchen Rules is the only reality show to make the current top 10. The show attracted 1.277 million viewers to be Australia’s top TV show in last week’s mid-week chart, followed by Seven News with 1.034 million viewers. The top TV show is News and current affairs that dominate the mid-week night-time schedules while Seven’s Criminal Minds attracted 700,000 viewers and Home and Away 691,000. A repeat of The Big Bang Theory was 11th…

Australia property prices

01 April 2016 In: Property

Property prices in Australia’s capital cities were rising at an annual rate of 11 per cent in July last year.  But price growth has been falling ever since. The cost of an average home in Australia’s capital cities rose just 6.4 per cent in March. In Darwin the cost of an average home has fallen by 1.8 per cent. Perth meanwhile saw property prices rise by 1.2 per cent in March although prices in the…

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