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Melbourne’s population grew by 2.1 per cent in 2014-15, down slightly from 2.2 per cent last year, but still higher than the next-fastest growing capital, Darwin (1.9 per cent).

Melbourne sees record growth

31 March 2016 In: Melbourne

The population of Melbourne increased by 91,600 in 2014-15, an average of 1,760 people per week. Sydney had the next biggest increase (83,300), followed by Brisbane (35,200) and Perth (31,100). Melbourne growth rate of 2.1 per cent is down from 2.2 per cent last year but is still the fastest in Australia, ahead of Darwin (1.9 per cent), Sydney (1.7 per cent), Perth and Brisbane (both 1.6 per cent). Seven out of the country’s top…

Construction jobs for Melbourne

30 March 2016 In: Jobs

Melbourne will see a major boost in construction jobs with new high-rise residential properties, sporting venues and major infrastructure projects being built in the city. Construction jobs are being created for projects including new high rise apartments, new hotels and $20 billion of infrastructure including Melbourne Metro railway and Flinders Street station, hospital, road and sports stadium improvements. “These new projects are great news for skilled workers and tradespeople seeking work in Australia,” says Darrell…

Medical test for visa

29 March 2016 In: Migration

Applicants will be told by their agent when it is time to undergo a medical test. This part of the visa application normally occurs towards the end of the visa process. But people are advised not to leave their medical until the last minute, in case there are unforeseen issues to be resolved. Sometimes a medical condition can be found that the applicant was not aware of and this will need to be investigated and…

Housing shortage across Australia

28 March 2016 In: Property

Australia continues to suffer a housing shortage despite the recent construction boom and an over-supply of homes in cities like Sydney and Melbourne. The housing shortage across the country has helped to inflate property prices as developers cherry-pick the most profitable locations for new construction. Australia needs to build 250,000 new homes, according to a report by ANZ Research Economic Insight. Fears of a property market collapse due to over-supply are unfounded, the report says. This…

Australia gets African Rhinos

27 March 2016 In: Adelaide

African rhinos will now be transported to Australia to live in safari parks across the country. African rhinos are so endangered scientists say it is no longer safe to keep the animals in Africa. Now the Australian Rhino Project is to import endangered 80 rhinos from South Africa. In July 2016 the first six rhinos will arrive at Taronga Western Plans Zoo where they will undergo two months of quarantine. The animals will then get…

Canberra wins Best Barista

26 March 2016 In: Canberra

Now eight years later he has been named Australia’s Best Barista at the 2016 ASCA Australian Barista Championship. He was one of six staff from ONA Coffee competing at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo. To become best barista the 25 yr-old began preparing for the competition six months beforehand and trained 6 hours per day. He’s not the only Barista Champion to come from Canberra. Fellow champion Sasa Sestic was named best barista in the…

Australia’s best airport

25 March 2016 In: Travel

Australia’s best airport scored highest for check-in waiting time, immigration waiting time, baggage waiting time, security searches, wait time for taxis and other key indicators such as ease of finding baggage trolleys. Australia’s best airport – Perth also won ‘Excellent’ ranking for its’ standard of check-in and baggage processing facilities. Sydney and Melbourne airports were ranked ‘Poor’ for many of the same facilities and services. But officials say many improvements have and are being made…

Perth gains double honours

23 March 2016 In: Perth

Perth was placed at number seven on the list of the top ten destinations in Australia, according to the 2016 TripAdvisor’s traveller’s choice destinations awards. The number one destination for tourists in Australia is Sydney with the Gold Coast placed second.   Traveller’s choice top destinations 1. Sydney 2. Gold Coast 3. Melbourne 4. Brisbane 5. Hobart 6. Adelaide 7. Perth 8. Canberra Perth has also been named as the best Australian city to save…

Property prices across Australia

22 March 2016 In: Property

Property prices in Canberra surged ahead for most of 2015. Prices in the September and June quarters rose 1.3 per cent and 0.8 per cent respectively. But the city is placed third behind Sydney and Melbourne for annual growth of property prices. Over the whole year Canberra saw house price growth of six per cent compared to Sydney (13.9 per cent) and Melbourne (9.6 per cent). Average property prices are highest in New South Wales…

Perth walkabout

21 March 2016 In: Travel

Perth Walkabout – Situated on the coast in Western Australia and voted one of the Top Three ‘most live-able’ cities in the world, Perth’s climate attracts a thriving ex-patriot community, a trend that continues as it moves onto another decade of boom economy to become the fastest-growing state in Australia. There’s no shortage of jobs with skills desperately needed across the board, from accountants to swimming instructors; medical staff to boat repairers and business administrators…

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