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Attendance requirements

The school timetable

Make sure your not late for class
Make sure your not late for class
The school year varies from state to state, with either three or four terms and holidays in between.

Hours are from about 9.00am to about 3.00pm Monday to Friday.

For more information about school terms and holidays for each state

See: School term dates (Department of Education, Science and Training - DEST)


Many public schools and most private schools require students to wear a uniform. If your child is enrolled at a school with a uniform policy, they will be expected to wear it unless the uniform is optional.

The cost of uniforms varies between schools - some have a casual uniform of a sweater and skirt or trousers, while others have extra clothing like jackets and shirts. In colder climates, there may be both a summer and a winter uniform. Ask the school about this when you visit.

You can usually buy school uniforms at department stores or clothes shops. You can also buy them second hand. Most schools run a second hand shop from the school. Ask your school for advice.

School transport

In Australia children travel to school on foot, bicycle, in cars and on public transport. Depending on how far your child lives from school you will need to make appropriate arrangements so that they can be at school on time.

Many private or non-government schools hire buses to transport their students to school. A cost will still apply for these services. Government schools do not usually provide special school buses unless they have a large number of students living out of the area.

Young children are usually taken to school by a member of their family. If you do not have a car, it may be appropriate to ask other parents who live near you to help with transport.

School lunches

Public schools do not provide free school lunches. Students usually take their lunch to school. School canteens sell food and drink at lunchtimes.


Discipline in Australia may be very different from your own experiences at school. In most schools across Australia corporal punishment is no longer used. Children are encouraged to respect each other and their teachers. Check with your local school to see what their policy is on discipline. Most schools now expect parents to accept responsibility for their children's behaviour at school and will need to talk to you if there are serious discipline problems.

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